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The Great South-West of France, an Eldorado glistening with promise

For Julien Touboul, the ‘Great South-West’ is a new viticultural Eldorado whose future must be embodied by Lucien Aîmé & Fils. In this important territory, there are a multitude of fabulous appellations, terroirs worked carefully and sensibly by families of winegrowers who already practice sustainable and organic viticulture. Lucien Aîmé approaches the two main areas of the South West with the same passion, bringing a fresh perspective to both:

The best-known area is the Bordeaux region. It is split between:

  • The Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur appellations, about which, unfortunately, many negative things have been said, but which lend themselves well to a (new) single-vineyard-based interpretation, not unlike a Burgundy approach.
  • Around 50 other appellations, some better known than others, which offer us many opportunities to discover great grape variety/terroir combinations

The other South-West appellations that we love just as much!

  • Gascony, a patchwork of terroirs running from west to east with an Atlantic zone, a Pyrenean zone and a Garonne zone. It is a kingdom of native grape varieties and engaging winegrowers.
  • Cahors, a historical region where the Malbec reigns supreme.
  • Other appellations with an incredible diversity of grape varieties, soils and climates that are well worth checking out.

Lucien Aimé & Fils wines

All our wines carry the same message: diversity and respect for the environment