100% organic wines

We want all our wines to derive from eco-friendly viticulture and we have set ourselves the simple objective of them all having organic certification (the French ‘AB’ label). In the meantime, they all originate, at the very least, from vineyards certified as ‘High Environmental Value’ and/or vineyards officially converting to organic agriculture. We are building long-term partnerships with our winegrowers to help them improve their winegrowing practices and ensure the long-term viability of their activity. We are also working to reduce our company’s environment impact. For example, we use only one type of bottle to minimise our carbon footprint.


Our wines have taste
and character

Wine is always the reflection of the standards applied. From the vine to the bottle, each decision influences the final result. All our Lucien Aimé & Fils wines have a lovely personality. Sincere and representative of their terroirs and grape varieties, they are also much like Julien Touboul himself as they have integrity, generosity and precision.


The cellar in Arbanats:
our artisan-négociant workshop

Julien Touboul designs, vinifies and crafts Lucien Aîmé & Fils wines in the tiny village of Arbanats, in the heart of the Graves region with its 1000-year-old winegrowing tradition. This is an ideal location as it allows us to be close to the numerous winegrowers who supply us with grapes.

With an efficient winery and a medium-sized cellar we are able to craft authentic wines that have received all the care and attention they deserve.


Vigneron mon ami

We don’t (yet!) have our own domaine, so we work hand in glove with several winegrower friends. This is a long-term collaboration, carried out in full transparency, with the winegrowers receiving a fair remuneration for the fruit of their labour. It is their job to produce the best grapes, take care of the vineyards and perpetuate the winegrower’s unique savoir-faire. It is our job to support them in the challenges they face, to ensure that they are fairly remunerated and to craft wines that make them as proud as we are of the work accomplished.

Our values: respect, discovery and sharing

  • RESPECT. This is a core value for us. It is reflected in the consideration we have for People and the Environment and our desire to protect both these through the decisions we make. We practice an economy that respects financial, social, cultural and environmental rights. From the vine to the glass, our wines are produced in a way that keeps the land healthy and allows us to pass on to our children what we hope will be a better planet.
  • DISCOVERY. Through a selection of unique wines, we want to help consumers, faced with a wine offer that is often too complex, to discover winegrowing areas that are little-known or have been unjustly belittled.
  • PARTAGE. We cherish the conviviality associated with the wine-drinking occasion. Our South-West of France origin is rooted in this naturally relaxed way of life. Sharing also means sharing the economic benefits with the winegrowers who supply us with their grapes and who are committed to working with us towards a more sustainable viticulture.